Sunday 22nd October 2017

Time to saddle up and hold on tight!


Giving back to the wonderful community!

Colm McGrath - Monday, October 19, 2015

While we have been busy preparing for the rodeo we have also been giving back to the wonderful community that supports us with funds from last years rodeo.

Earlier in the year we put a call out to local clubs and committees to apply to the rodeo club with their fund requests. The mail came in thick and fast with many great causes. We narrowed the group to six committees and then distributed the funds between the groups.

These groups are:

  • Methven Friendship Club
  • Methven Red Cross 
  • Lyndhurst Community Pool 
  • Methven Netball and Tennis Combined
  • Methven Clay and Target Club
  • Methven Historic and Library Society.
So when you are handing over your money at the gate and the bar this year just think that you are helping not only the Rodeo Club but fantastic local groups like these.

Pictured is our President Tom Plunkett and Patron Hugh Weir with members of each committee that has received funds to help their clubs.


Meet the Members

Colm McGrath - Thursday, September 10, 2015

Recently three of our committee members were given the opportunity to ride in the Sydney Royal Easter Show along with other top Cowboys from NZ and OZ. We thought we would get them to tell you a little about themselves and their experience.

Name: Tom herb Plunkett (22 yrs)

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN RIDING: I ride bareback Broncs got into it about 3 years ago went and saw a few old boys and I was on my way! I've been to the finals the last couple of years which is pretty sweet! I had a pretty rough last season with breaking an ankle and a few head injuries but still managed to sneak into finals!

HOW DID YOU GET INTO THIS: Um, I got call up half way through the trans Tasman competition when James banged his head! Got a call on the Monday was flying out Tuesday morning and managed to score myself a spot in the all stars event which was pretty dope.

HIGHLIGHT OF YOUR TRIP TO THE SYDNEY ROYAL SHOW:  The highlight was putting up a 3rd in the first go round. It was a tricky horse to ride but I got it done! The the people over there, the other Cowboys are all good sorts and I loved every minute of it ! You help them they help you!

WHAT WAS THE MAIN DIFFERENCE BETWEEN RIDING IN OZ: Probably the stock was pretty sweet, to get on lots of power and grunt under them!

ANY FINAL WORDS OR ADVISE FOR OTHERS: Yeah..I'd recommend anyone to have a crack, getting over there and having a hoon!!
A big thanks to Black Hawk Saddlery and the other people ( Tony P!) who sponsored me!

Name: James Pinfold (20 yrs)

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN RIDING: Ahh went to Ozzy as a bare back rider. Been riding bare back for 3 years now, at the end of the 1st year riding I broke open and made it to finals in 6th hole. This year I stepped it up and made it in 4th hole.

HOW DID YOU GET INTO THIS: Started riding bare back for the adrenaline and to better myself, mentally and physically and what better way to do that than to ride in the toughest sport? Besides that, who wants to be able bodied at the age of 35?

HIGHLIGHT OF YOUR TRIP TO THE SYDNEY ROYAL SHOW: The highlight of the trip would definitely be the 1st nights ride, get a score on the board for NZ was a pretty proud moment!

WHAT WAS THE MAIN DIFFERENCE BETWEEN RIDING IN OZ: The difference between the two country's rodeos, I find, is the ability of the rough stock over there. Their bulls and horses are a heap more athletic and add that to the grip of there grass arena makes it pretty hard going.

NAME: Abbo Williams (23 yrs)

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN RIDING: I've been riding bare back for 2 years.1 year in rookie, 1 year in open.

HOW DID YOU GET INTO THIS: I started off riding bulls and my mate Thomas Plunkett got me in to bare back bronc riding.

HIGHLIGHT OF YOUR TRIP TO THE SYDNEY ROYAL SHOW: The highlight for the New Zealand team trip for me was getting on some of Australia best bucking horses and learning while I was over there.

WHAT WAS THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE OVER THE 6 DAYS:The biggest challenge was keeping my body at 100% over the 6 nights after 6 head of stock bare back takes a toll on your body let alone after 6 horses 6 nights in a row, getting the right amount of rest, sleep and eating right.

WHAT WAS THE MAIN DIFFERENCE BETWEEN RIDING IN OZ:The main difference I found was in the stock the power and speed of the horses in Aussie compared to New Zealand was a whole new level. It was that next step in my eyes.

ANY FINAL WORDS OR ADVISE FOR OTHERS: Advise to others would be get over to Aussie and take that next step in your career, the stock is amazing and the cowboys are great also, always willing to lend a hand. Also cheers to Cindy Mackenzie for being an awesome camp mum and looking after us!! 

Record Entries for 2013

Rosa Harper - Monday, October 07, 2013
With 297 confirmed entries, this year's rodeo promises to be our biggest and best yet. The Methven Rodeo is now one of the largest in New Zealand with crowd attendance in excess of 6000 people annually, mainly coming from Mid Canterbury and with growing numbers coming from beyond the region. This year's event will be held on Sunday 27th October. We have an action packed timetable planned and the event promises to deliver something for all the family. The Methven Rodeo Club is committed to delivering a safe and fun family event. Admission prices remain unchanged:

  • Family $40
  • Adult $20
  • Children (under 16) $5.00

Methven Cowboys Head Over the Ditch!

Rosa Harper - Thursday, August 22, 2013

Recently James Pinfold, Tom Plunkett, Callum Lusty, Paddy Harper & Tim Costello local cowboys jumped the ditch to compete in a few rodeos.

“It was an awesome trip and a big step up in terms of how much better the stock is over there but we all took that in our stride and got on some awesome Bronc and Bulls. We started at the Cloncurry rodeo the first weekend we were in Aussie. James picked up a 5th in the bareback riding and Tim made a great ride on a tricky saddle Bronc horse but was just out of the money.

The rest of us didn’t make the whistle but were happy to get on a great line of Broncs and bulls. After a few days of relaxing and keeping hydrated we made our way to Mt Isa. We all rode our first round on the 2nd day. James once again picking up a 5th in the Bareback but the rest of us not making the cut for the finals on the third day. James once again had a good ride in the final and picked up 4th, he also got 4th in the average for the weekend. With James picking up prize money to shout us all at the bar and all of us enjoying the opportunity to ride at such a big and well known rodeo we all came out of it very happy. After getting back to reality in NZ back to the cold and back to work we are all looking forward to the NZ summer rodeo circuit. And yes Mt Isa we will be back!!!"

by Callum Lusty


Methven Rodeo 2013 - For your diary, date announced!

Rosa Harper - Sunday, January 06, 2013

Hold on tight, this year's Methven Rodeo will take place on Sunday 27th October 2013!


Order Of Events

Rosa Harper - Saturday, October 13, 2012

The 2012 Rodeo events will be running as follows;


2nd Division Bull Ride (first split)
Junior Barrel Race
2nd Division Rope & Tie
2nd Division Bull Ride (second split)
Junior Steer Ride
NZRCA Calf Ride
2nd Division Bareback 

Sheep Ride

Grand Entry

Open Bull Ride (First Split)
Open Bareback
Open Rope & Tie
Open Saddle Bronc
Open Barrel Ride
Open Steer Wrestling
2nd Division Saddle Bronc
Open Team Roping
Open Bull Ride (Second Split)

Barrel Racing Jackpot- Wiggy's Arena-1st December!

Rosa Harper - Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Barrel Racers Get Your Gear Ready And Head To Annabelle And Wiggys House For Their 2nd Jackpot This Year! 

Saturday 1st December- 1pm Start!

First Run Determines Division, Next Two Runs Paid Out On Average Time!

$30 Per Entry...To Be Paid On Day! Entries To Annabelle By November 25th, Ph 033081485


Methven Receives Large Entry Numbers!

Rosa Harper - Thursday, October 04, 2012

Come along this year and catch a glimpse of some of the best cowboys in New Zealand taking on bucking bulls, crazy horses and fast running calves. With over 270 competitors this year is not one to be missed!

Howdy Partners!

Colm McGrath - Wednesday, September 05, 2012
Each year the Rodeo club partner with some great kiwi companies who make this event possible. Rodeo sponsorship is an opportunity for your company to help the wider community and to be involved in an iconic event, it also give you the opportunity to advertise your services to a large audience.

Our sponsorship package includes 6 Rodeo tickets, naming right to one of the chute gates and one of the events in the main program. The package will include a full page ad in the program which is given out to everyone on entry to the Rodeo, and every time a rider comes out of your gate your company name will be called by the announcer, there will also be numerous other mentions of your company through the day by the announcer.

If you would like more information, get it touch with us here.

Methven Rodeo 2012 Date Confirmed.

Colm McGrath - Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Welcome to our new blog and we're delighted to announce that the Methven Rodeo will be held this year on Sunday 21st October 2012.

The Methven Rodeo Club is a non-profit organisation that gives its profits back to the community in Methven and surrounding areas, last year alone the club gave directly over $5000 to a range of local organisations, and indirectly brings many more thousands into the local economy. Stay tuned for more information about the 2012 rodeo!